Lighthouse (CD)


Ships on: July 22, 2024

LIGHTHOUSE now marks the first full-length collection born in McKagan’s private studio with 11 songs ranging in tenor and scope and broadening the trajectory set on 2019’s TENDERNESS album.

Standard CD: Digipak

1. Lighthouse
2 . Longfeather
3. Holy Water
4. I Saw God On 10th St.
5. Fallen
6. Forgiveness
7. Just Another Shakedown
8. Fallen Ones
9. Hope (feat. Slash)
10. I Just Don't Know (feat. Jerry Cantrell)
11. Lighthouse (Reprise) (feat. Iggy Pop)

“I’ve sort of found my place of comfort on how I like my own music to sound,” McKagan says. “These really are just simple punk songs, laid bare without me screaming. The topics run the gamut, but you shall see and hear that. The idea of starting this record off with an ode to my wife, and ending with an ode to life, codify the two things I love most. I hope you guys dig what you are about to hear…" - Duff